What is HypnoFrench ?

Under hypnosis you are in a perfect state of mind to receive information and retain it for longer later on. In addition, if you are embarrassed to speak French or worried about it you will be able to shed your negative mindset and gain the confidence you need to communicate in French. You will be conscious and in control throughout the session.

Each class is tailored specifically to the individual learner. Whether it is for business or pleasure, you have the opportunity to learn vocabulary, practise your grammar or improve your pronunciation, depending on your specific wishes and needs.

Every individual is different

We always start by listening to our students and learning about their backgrounds and specific needs. We are all different and don't learn in the same way. Our classes are adapted individually to each French learner.

We are happy to teach anybody of any age who wants to learn French. We respect the needs of each individual and adapt to your learning speed to create classes that are best for you. Forget about being embarrassed and don't worry, we are here to help you reach your objectives, but in a fun and positive way.

Who are the HypnoFrench teachers?

Rachel Egan


Rachel had been teaching English and French for several years when she noticed that something extra was needed to help people having difficulties learning a language. She had also worked for international companies in and around Biarritz and knew there was a need for language teachers with real experience in work situations.

SENSE education was born in 2018 using innovative methods, including hypnosis, to help students learn languages.

Hypnosis is a new solution that makes the learning experience relaxing and comfortable, while helping to assimilate the language and improve the efficiency of the classes.

About us

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Feedback from our clients

  • Mark

    Worth every penny. Rachel’s enthusiasm is catching.

  • Sarah

    We have a holiday home in France, but my French was really bad and I was embarrassed to speak. After 20 classes I was confident enough to buy things in the local shop and speak to the neighbours. 5 stars!

  • Emily

    I’d tried other hypnosis classes, but they were pre-recorded and I lost motivation. With these classes there’s a real person calling you on Skype, talking to you about your issues with French and concentrating on the areas that you need to improve. It’s like having a personal trainer for French.

  • Becky

    Wow! Amazing experience with the hypnosis. All the negative stuff I had at school came out, and I finally started dealing with it. It’s like the French is just an added extra.

  • Justin

    I couldn’t really get into the hypnosis, but the teacher was encouraging and I felt like she was motived to get me speaking more French. 

  • Yasmin

    The classes are great because they are not recorded. You have a real teacher in front of you as though you were in a school, but you can take the class from home. Make sure your internet connection works properly before you start though …

  • Mike

    I had problems « letting go » for the hypnosis, so we dropped it after a couple of lessons, but I carried on with the French because the teachers were good.

  • Kimberly

    I rate this course 5 stars. The hypnosis is really relaxing and the teacher was very helpful.

  • Heather

    Speaking to Rachel, I realised that my problems with French were because everyone had told me my French was terrible. Under hypnosis my confidence and fluency improved and I felt able to speak to my colleagues in the Paris office for the first time without worrying.

  • Sean

    A bit expensive, but worth it because there’s a real teacher calling you, and not just another subscription by some start-up trying to earn a fast buck.

  • Claire

    Had to warn the kids and the dog not to come in to the lounge during the hypnosis, because that really messes it up, but if you can find a quiet time, it’s relaxing and helpful.

  • Rob

    Teacher on time and enthusiastic. No complaints.


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